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Payment Registration

You may pay full tuition fees or a portion of them at this time. However full fees need to be paid before you can enrol on your programme.

Accommodation charges are available online at

Please ensure that you choose the correct course and/or accommodation type from the drop down menus provided and enter the amount in Euro you wish to pay at this time.

IMPORTANT-please write this student number on your deposit slip and ensure that it appears on your bank payment receipt
(Please use letters from the English alphabet and/or digits from 0-9)
United States Of America +1
(Cash, Cheques, Drafts or Funds from a Company account will not be accepted)
(First Name Family Name)
Please make sure you upload a copy of the bio-data page of your passport (the one with your photo on it). The copy must be clear and legible and no parts of the page must be cut-off, hidden or have the camera flash on them (including the two rows of the machine readable zone below your photo).
Allowed file types: pdf, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tif
File size limit: 5.00 MB
Credit Card
Your password must have at least 6 characters
By ticking yes you are agreeing to make the payment within 48 hours. By ticking yes you are agreeing to make the payment before 2.30pm today. A customer service representative will call you to verify your details. Please ensure you have entered
a valid telephone number above.